Atlanta Restaurants hit hard by COVID-19

Atlanta restaurants are being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. OpenTable released data that show steep year over year declines in diners across the United States.

As of Monday, restaurants in Atlanta saw their dining traffic decrease by 78% compared to the same day last year while Georgie saw a decline of 66% of diners compared to a national average of 56%.

This trend of diners staying home started on March 2nd when the first two cases of COVID-19 were reported in Georgia. Since then, the epidemic has swept across the country and total cases in Georgia have ballooned to 146 including 48 in Atlanta, as of March 17th.

How you can help

Local businesses are hit particularly hard by COVID-19. Here's what you can do to help.

  • Get take out. You'll still be isolated in your home while also supporting the restaurants you love
  • Buy a gift card for future use

It's critical that we support our local businesses during these tough times. Many operate on thin margins and a slowdown in business could mean laying off staff and shut downs.

It's important to remember that restaurant regulations require them to operate under strict health codes. Many are going above and beyond for the pandemic and going to extraordinary lengths to keep diners safe by distancing tables, offering hand sanitizer at the door and dedicating staffers to sanitizing their space.

About the data

This data shows year-over-year seated diners from OpenTable restaurants, across all channels: Online, phone, and walk-in. For year-on-year comparisons by day, we compare to the same day of week from the same week in the previous year. For example, we'd compare Tuesday of week 11 in 2020 to Tuesday of week 11 in 2019.

Source: Open Table Restaurant Performance Data

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