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Imad E. Ayoubi, DDS is a practicing dentist in New York City. Dr. He graduated from New York University where he was awarded with the highest honor at the institution (Bernard Award) for his strong skills in Diagnosis and Comprehensive Applied Dentistry. He started his career in general sciences before completing his education at University of Cluj- Napoca General Doctor Specialized in Dental Sciences in 1988.



NYU College of Dentistry, DDS, 1998
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 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?Not only do they clean my teeth but they can whiten and also do cosmetic procedures. I thought he was just a general dentist but he does a lot more procedures than I expected. I hate going to multiple offices to get things done I would rather stay at one spot. He did refer me out to see an oral surgeon since I needed to have a tooth totally removed but I appreciated his honestly of telling me to see a specialist for that. I will be having my implant put in and then he will be taking care of the crown portion which I am excited to be done with. Overall he does pretty much everything and if there is something he does not know how to do he will be up front and just tell you.
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?Dr. Ayoubi and his staff were very welcoming to me and the past two experiences with him have been great. I would definitely recommend him.
Evelyn M.Feb 18
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?Very attentive and compassionate. Staff is very professional and quick. Dr Ayoubi explained very well everything and I'm terrified of Dentists but he made me feel secure of what he was doing. Would recommend for anyone looking for a kind and talented professional dentist in New York.
Kelly M.Apr 23
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?I absolutely adore Dr. Ayoubi. I have been seeing him for years. He is kind, caring and honest. Everything I look for in a doctor. Not only do I see him, but my husband along with his whole family does as well. Fouzia is amazing and I always trust her with my cleanings. They never hurt and I leave feeling so fresh. This office is very attentive. Exactly what you would expect for NYC. This is not a wham bam thank you ma'am office.
S C.Aug 24
 Doesn't recommend this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?LAST YEAR, I went to this office to get a dental cleaning done as they said it would be covered by my insurance. It was and is still a nightmare from start to now. The front desk was rude and unwelcoming. The hygienist looked worn and tired and was rough with the flossing and seemed as though she did not work well with Dr Ayoubi. And then after the cleaning, Dr Ayoubi comes in made some snarky racial remarks about my heritage and then completely changes the subject saying "So you need a root canal". I became upset and confused and was asking where and why and rather than explaining the images and going over all the details of what the procedure would entail and trying to calm me down he MOCKED me and said "Why? Are you sad that you can't spend any money on a Chanel bag?" We had never even TALKED about anything "Chanel" related about me. I was SO disturbed by this comment I had never gone back. Come now almost a full year later, his office decides to leave me a threatening email to call a collections department if I don't address a balance they had NEVER contacted me about BEFORE and I have to resolve it all within a WEEK. They are leaving me with 5 business days to clarify what happened between them and my insurance company! REALLY!? They claimed they reached out to me by mail but they had NEVER done so. I have email alerts from USPS about any mail coming in so I KNOW FOR A FACT they never tried to contact me. They also CLEARLY and OBVIOUSLY had my phone number and email as alternative methods of contact, especially seeing they reached out to me NOW, but they chose to wait almost a FULL CALENDAR YEAR LATER to EMAIL me a notice of a balance. The email didn't even include an explanation or how much the balance is. SERIOUSLY?! No explanation AT ALL but they want to leave me one week to handle an issue I was oblivious of until now through their vague email. DO NOT come to this office. They're so unprofessional it's disgusting and will come attack you with threats of collections department calls without even explaining what the issues were/are.
 Doesn't recommend this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?Do not come to this office unless you want to risk your credit being ruined by an unprofessional scam!!!Twice now, Doctor Ayoubi's office has emailed me saying that I had an outstanding balance that they would send to collections if I don't pay soon. This action was unwarranted and unethical for several reasons: #1, They haven't made any attempt to contact me about it- they've called me multiple times to ask me to schedule new appointments, but never mentioned this. They just all of a sudden email me threatening to send it to collections, #2, It's for a charge that's supposed to be paid by insurance, and when I called them about it, they said that they need to talk to insurance more to figure out what's going on. They're using threats to send to collections as a first resort rather than a last resort when it's not actually me who owes them the balance. Then they started saying that it's a charge from a previous appointment, when at that appointment, I asked to pay the entire balance myself and send it into insurance myself, which I did, since I've had previous problems with their incompetent billing department.#3, Perhaps most insulting, is that this exact situation has happened before. The fact that insurance denies their first attempt means that they make no more attempts, consider it my balance, and the first thing they do is threaten to send it to collections without even contacting me about it. I'm never going there again, but we'll see how much damage they can do from afar. STAY AWAY.
Sam O.May 12
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?I had a great experience with Dr. Ayoubi. He sat down and chatted with me about what I wanted to do, and what he thought should be done. Once we had agreed, he got right to work and made sure that I was comfortable, and the whole time. He's a no-nonsense kind of guy, who really cares about making sure I was happy with the results.He's a skilled dentist and his hygienists were both capable and friendly, I'll be going to him for all future cleanings and any other work needed.
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?Sweetest people at the office and Dr Ayoubi thoroughy looked into my issues and helped me! I worke next door to his office so it's very convenient and the experience TRULY made a difference after I saw a Dr Friedman on 60th who was just not interested in helping me. Dr Ayoubi is a great man.
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?Could not give him enough stars. Staff is beyond amazing, very professional, caring, got to the route of my problem (no pun intended ;) ) I was so thrilled with their care and the outcome my bf and his brother now see him and his staff as well as 3 women in my office. If you need a great dentist who obviously loves his calling see him. He is witty and knowledgable, very talented and makes the appointment easy. Takes  a lot of insurance (I know from setting up my bf and his brothers appointments) and his staff is great with financing for those who do not have insurance. So happy I found him!
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?Dr. Ayoubi is very knowledgabe and caring.  I've been his patient for close to 10 years and I'm very happy with his services.  The office is conveniently located and very high tech.  He's always up to speed on the latest technology and always spends time with his patients. .  Dr. Ayoubi's staff is super friendly and professional.  I highly recommend this office and referred many of my friends and co-workers. A+!!!
Dave P.Aug 5
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?Not sure why everyone is hating on Dr.Ayoubi, although full disclosure I've never had more than a cleaning at his office so I can't speak to his abilities other than some fun banter and him checking my teeth after a cleaning quickly.I started going to Dr.Ayoubi about 5 years ago when I was working over near his office at Sony. He's high tech, the cleanings are very fast and yet very thorough due to a good deal of scraper things with sonic vibration and what I can only refer to as a 'power washer'. Thus the cleanings are wicked fast and the hygenists are nice and usually funny.Just referred a guy from my work, and I don't typically do that, I'm a big fan of this place.
John C.Jul 1
 Doesn't recommend this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?Easily the worst dental experience I've ever had. SO bad, that I had to sign up for a yelp account to warn anyone else who'd think about going to him based on the existing reviews (like me). He actually completely botched my onlay procedure. After cementing the improperly sized  filling, he tried to shave off the excess, but managed only to cut off a large piece of my gum ("oops, you will be bleeding a little!") which took 4 days to heal. He then tried to pry off the cemented-on filling (failure). Eventually he said he would "do me a favor" and will have me come in the following week to redo it. When he removed it the following week (yeah, I came back instead of paying another $500 for someone else to redo it, not sure why) he removed it with a tool in such a way that it literally flew out of my mouth, hit the ceiling light, and ricocheted off to somewhere that no-one could find. Who wouldn't want this careful master craftsman working on their teeth?Technical incompetence aside he has easily the worst bedside manner of any medical professional I've dealt with. Rude, won't answer any questions, won't know your name, condescending. I had to repeat every question I asked about the procedure multiple times to get a somewhat coherent answer. I confirmed with a dentist I trust that most of his answers were incorrect or misleading! A final lol about this guy- after pressuring him multiple times to find out the composition of my filling over the 2 weeks (who doesn't know that before they use it anyway?) , he didn't even know how to read the elemental symbols! "I think P is platinum [it's not, genius]. I do not care as long as they say it is ok to use! I am glad I am not a filling composition expert but I am a dentist instead!" His staff is equally as rude and incompetent. Note the receptionist who is incapable of a smile, and needs to have everything confirmed 3 times. The dental hygienist who completely misses a cavity. The idiotic foreign dental assistant who needs to take every X-Ray 3 times because she can't get the angle right. I hate yelp rants, but geez - this place just makes me so mad. I guess I am "that guy" now. All well, save yourself if you can - don't go!
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?My wife got my appointment. I didn't have to wait at all.Dr. Ayoubi and his staff were friendly and professional.I tend to be not a huge fan of dentists, but this visit was enjoyable and I look forward continuing my dental care there.
Trips R.Jul 13
 Doesn't recommend this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?(His address on Yelp is incorrect. maybe he moved? He's on E55th Street now)A complete waste of time and a truly unprofessional office staff!! I made an appointment to see Dr. Ayoubi about 2 months ago and had to reschedule a day before my appointment because of a personal emergency. For some reason the doctor himself answered the phone and was very curt with me telling me that he'll allow me this time but the next time I need to cancel a week in advance or he would charge me a cancellation fee. When I went in for that appointment I only saw his assistant and he only came in for 2 minutes to ask me to come back in 2 weeks for a deep cleaning that he said he himself would do. I was irritated that he barely even looked at my teeth but figured he would when I came back for the cleaning.Last week I went in for a cleaning/scaling (it takes me 45 minutes to get there from my office) and had to leave work early to be there on time. When I walk in the doctor himself tells me that his assistant had already left since I was 4 minutes late??? I reminded him that he was supposed to be doing my cleaning and not the assistant. Then he says "Oh yeah! That's right. I forgot about that." and then proceeds to say he's sorry but he already has two other patients scheduled for a cleaning with him at the same time and that he could only do mine after those patients, which could take over an hour!!!What a bunch of unprofessional clowns. They don't remember what appointments they give patients, they overbook for the same time slots and then they don't even bother apologizing when you show up for an appointment and they mess up. But of course if you don't cancel well in advance they're ready to charge you a cancellation fee! Don't bother going to see him. I can recommend a lot of better dentists. It's a waste of your time and money.
 Doesn't recommend this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?I wish I didn't have to give this incompetent, disrespectful idiot any stars!My husband spoke to Ayoubi to schedule an appointment for me.  My husband called to confirm and Ayoubi said he didn't put it in the book but remembered speaking to him and rescheduled me for a later time in the day.  Here's the thing, if a person isn't competent enough to do something that simple then how am I suppose to feel comfortable that the person is competent enough to sterilize the implements properly?  I called Ayoubi and told him why I was canceling my appointment and he spoke to me like I was beneath him and offered no apology to me.  I don't think he has any respect for people especially women.