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Dr. Lemchen is a board certified orthodontist having received degrees from both Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and Columbia University School of Dental Medicine. He is affiliated with several of New York’s leading hospitals including Lenox Hill and New York Presbyterian where he is a Senior Attending Orthodontist and holds a teaching appointment at Cornell University Medical College. He has pioneered and developed many cutting edge technological innovations in orthodontic imaging, mechanics and software that are used in his practice and others around the world. One of his many patents was the idea of a virtual computer model to visualize an intended outcome of an orthodontic treatment plan. This patent was the framework for Invisalign and integral to all 3D technology in orthodontics. His wife Debbie is a former teacher at The Trinity School and their son Andrew, a graduate of Riverdale Country School and Lehigh University, is currently a dental student at Tufts.



Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, DMD, 1970




Columbia University Dental School, 1974 (certificate)
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How was your experience with the doctor?Dr Lemchen is great. I did invisalign through is office and had a great experience. Nice staff, easy to book/cancel appointments, and attentive care.
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How was your experience with the doctor?Braces, retainers; I've been seeing him for years. Attentive, friendly, excellent.
Irine S.Oct 16
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How was your experience with the doctor?Dr. SALZER is amazing. Professional, relatable and extremely knowledgeable. I'm looking forward to the process!!!!Thank you
R. E.Oct 11
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How was your experience with the doctor?Absolutely the best dental experience I've personally ever had. No rushing, no pushy sales tactics and clarity at every step of the consultation. From the X-rays, to the moment I spoke with Dr. Jennifer Salzer. Everyone I interacted with on staff was so 'human' and sincere. Special thank you to Romina because she kept my anxiety in check by updating me through every step of their process. Really impressed by how well everyone communicated information. From registering, to each individual technician and ultimately Dr. Salzer. Highly recommend!
M S.Oct 3
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How was your experience with the doctor?Dr Jennifer Salzer is the best of the best. The day we met I knew she was the perfect orthodontist for me.I am 59 years old and never thought to straighten my teeth, they were fine.Little did I know that they could be PERFECT and they are!!!Thank you Thank youHands down Dr Jen is a gem a true gem.
Barbie C.Mar 15
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How was your experience with the doctor?Dr. Salzer helped me so much! I'm an adult and had been putting off going to an orthodontist because i was freaked out and nervous, but they worked with me and helped me! Dr. Salzer made wonderful suggestions that fit with my personally. My teeth look great now ,and i'm much more confident smiling for pictures!
Linda C.Dec 18
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How was your experience with the doctor?I have known Drs. Marc Lemchen and Jennifer Salzer for years, both professionally and personally.  In all the years that I have been practicing dentistry (over 20 years), they are by far the best orthodontists I've ever known.  All the patients that I have seen (including myself and my children) have always come  out with celebrity smiles.  More importantly, they correct patient's bites which is very often overlooked by orthodontists, who are trying to achieve great smiles.  Not having the right treatment can be disastrous, leading to many problems such as trauma, root canals, fractures and disorders of the TMJ.  I would never recommend anyone else to do your or your children's orthodontics.  They are the best!!!
D B.Jun 5
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How was your experience with the doctor?The most fun I've ever had at any dentist or orthodontist!Dr. Lemchen has a great bedside manner. He's just a nice, friendly person. I was upset that I couldn't have my teeth done here the first time when I was a teenager. Everyone in the office was efficient and kind, and thorough. I was so impressed. I am excited to go back for my second appointment.Also I really appreciate their thoughtful use of technology. I honestly wish I could have a tooth scanner for myself because they are fun but obviously they are too expensive to have as toys. I feel fortunate to have found Dr Lemchen's practice after a dentist recommended them.
Cathy w.Feb 24
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How was your experience with the doctor?I am sorta of surprised no one has reviewed this orthodontist.  THIS IS THE MECCA OF ORTHODONTISTS.....So, my son's baby teeth did not fall out until much later, and we had a delayed start here.It was a long process as they ended up pushing out his chin ( still not sure how they did it, but he has a movie star chin now), and he had some medieval appliances ( he never complained though) and his smile today is breathtaking.He as a young adult still wears a metal wire behind his teeth though ( as he never wears his retainer which they are aware of) and the metal wire keeps his teeth from shifting.This place is a wow.
Pamela R.Nov 28
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How was your experience with the doctor?Our usual orthodontist could not see my daughter when she was home for college for Thanksgiving and we were recommended to see Dr.Lemchen. We really appreciated that he kept his office open the Friday after Thanksgiving. (In fact the office was quite busy.) Dr. Lemchen and his staff, including both the front desk and the medical assistants, were all extremely helpful, professional and friendly. They fixed my daughter's issue and clearly explained what they were doing.  Dr. Lemchen was very personable. Highly recommend!
Kim M.Oct 22
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How was your experience with the doctor?Dr. Lemchen is a miracle worker.  After a prior round of orthodontist, years earlier with another doctor, which left me with crowded and crooked teeth because there was nothing more he could do for me, Dr. Lemchen took on the difficult and complex task of ensuring that my teeth where not only straight but healthy.  Dr. Lemchen is definitely a master of his craft and great for complex cases.  My mother often comments that paying for this second round of orthodontists was some of the best money she ever spent.  He is worth it!
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How was your experience with the doctor?Dr. Lemchen successfully expanded my upper bite 14 years ago.  After 14 years of wearing the same rugged retainer/bite plane at night, a new one was needed.  Just as before, Dr. Lemchen is completely thorough, knowledgeable, professional, courteous, kind and encouraging.  His state-of-the-art facilities, lab and open floor plan inspire confidence.  Leesa B, Cara, Mandy, Chloe and his entire staff are completely helpful and kind. In the last 14 years I've seen other orthodontists because I travel a lot.  Lemchen's the best.
J T.Jan 12
 Isn't sure about this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?Extremely rude and difficult staff.  Leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
J D.Aug 17
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How was your experience with the doctor?Dr. Lemchen is an amazing orthodontist and a wonderful caring man.  I arrived from Seattle 2 years ago feeling hopeless.  I was very unhappy with the work I had done in Seattle and wasn't sure how to proceed with my treatment.  Upon meeting Dr. Lemchen I knew I was in good hands.  He and my oral surgeon recommended that I would need orthognathic surgery to correct my bite, I made it clear that I wasn't interested in surgery.  Knowing these were my wishes, he spent time working up a plan that he felt would help me become more comfortable with my bite.  Dr. Lemchen worked with me for close to 8 months when I changed my mind and decided to go ahead with surgery.  He was very supportive of either choice but made sure surgery was something I really wanted to do before I committed.  The surgery went off without a hitch and I'm now 9 months post-op & braces are off!! I couldn't be happier!!  I wish all orthodontists were as skilled and kind as this man, the world would be a better place.  Not only is Dr. Lemchen wonderful to work with but his entire staff is wonderful.  I feel like I know each and every one of his orthodontic assistants personally.  One of the best experiences of my life.  Thank You! :)
S L.Jul 7
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How was your experience with the doctor?Outstanding!! truly a professional clinic. Everyone is courteous, professional and kind, to both the child and the parent. Dr. Lemchen and his staff are truly a gem in the middle of Manhattan. We came over with an emergency when my 10 year old son's braces broke off (the bracket and wire fell from a job done elsewhere). Dr. Lemchen was recommended to us by friends, and we have to say, we've never seen better service in our life. There were many patients being seen and everyone looked happy and confident. (Beautiful children too!) I totally recommend this Orthodontist to any one who wants 1st class service.
Wolf G.May 13
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How was your experience with the doctor?If you are looking for an excellent orthodontist in NYC or the metro area, look no further than Dr. Marc Lemchen and Dr. Jennifer Salzer. I found Dr. Lemchen when my parents were referred to him from my dentist back in 2005. From my first appointment to all of my current appointments, I know that Dr. Lemchen is an excellent orthodontist. I had my braces on from October 2005-2007 and have had permanent wires behind my teeth to keep them looking straight and perfect! His technicians, who are mostly young ladies, are warm, friendly, gentle on your mouth, and skilled at orthodontics. I must give special shout outs to Amy Kang and Jennifer, who usually are my technicians when I have visited. In addition, Dr. Lemchen and Dr. Salzer are excellent at their jobs, as they are warm, friendly, polite, skilled, and trustworthy. The office, which is situated uptown, is clean, inviting and upscale. The reception is centrally located when you enter, with the waiting room located on the left, with plush couches to sit on while you wait. When you walk into the treatment areas, there are comfortable seats that also have TVs overhead with headphones next to them, so you can be entertained while you are having your teeth worked on. Even though I come from Long Island to go here, it is worth the commute by car or by L.I.R.R. and the subway. To get to Dr. Lemchen's office, take the 4,5,or 6 trains to 59th St and Lexington Ave, walk up 60th St to Park Ave and walk up the odd numbered side of the street to building #553 which is at the southeast corner of 62nd St. Enjoy your visit here and to a happy, healthy smile!
Raul C.Sep 27
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How was your experience with the doctor?I am currently receiving Invisalign treatment from Dr. Lemchen and Dr. Salzer's office. I wanted to get my teeth straightened but did not want braces, Invisalign was the perfect alternative. I am seeing great results from the treatment. I've been treated by both Dr. Lemchen and Dr. Salzer and they are both in the forefront of their field and they are very friendly. Not to be left out of this review is their staff. Their staff are very friendly both the front staff and the clinical staff. The front staff are always pleasant and very accommodating with appointments. The clinical staff are great!  They are always available when I have any questions or concerns and they make you feel comfortable while you are being treated. Did I mention that they are great with kids too. My children were in braces and have wonderful smiles thanks to Dr Lemchen and Dr. Salzer. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Lemchen and Dr. Salzer to others.
Alex D.Jun 4
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How was your experience with the doctor?Walking into Dr. Lemchen's practice was the most comfortable and personable experience I could have asked for.  Not only are Dr. Lemchen and Dr. Salzer both experts in their field - they are way ahead of the game and employ all of the most innovative technologies - but also they are thoughtful, caring, approachable and make sure to go into every detail of the orthodontic process.  In particular I find that they are highly concerned with taking care of the whole wellness of the patient - Dr. Salzer went on to measure the impact that my orthodontic condition was having on my airways and breathing system and to show me how much better I would feel after correcting my issues.  To have someone this committed to my overall health and to take the time to go above and beyond really shows just how excellent the practice is.I have referred several friends to their practice and all of them have the same feedback   - this is the best orthodontic experience any of us could have asked for.  I can only say the best things!
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?Pre-Salzer, I felt very hopeless about my teeth. I had orthodontics as a teenager, but now, as an adult, I am a serial grinder, and it had completely ruined my bite. My front teeth in particular were terribly chipped and crooked. My dentist recommended a full round of veneers, but I didn't want to take such extreme measures with my already-fragile teeth. I went for a consult with Dr. Salzer to discuss orthodontic options, and two rounds of Invisalign and a bit of bonding later, my face has been completely transformed. I'm not afraid to smile anymore! Dr. Salzer was so professional, positive and thorough, and generally pleasant, that I am able to sit in her chair without a sedative, which is saying a lot. I consider the treatment to be a real value, as my grinding has already lessened, and it has made such a dramatic change to my appearance. The staff is full of total pros, and the office is tricked out in the latest, greatest technology. They've made this whole process so easy, going so far as to messenger things so I don't have to make needless trips to the office. When my son is old enough for orthodontics, I'm definitely sending him to Dr. Salzer and her amazing staff.
Lane P.Jan 24
 Isn't sure about this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?I went to Lemchen my entire life. I got braces for the first time at age 10 (I had such a bad overbite I risked getting them knocked out). My mother never minded paying their prices because Lemchen is supposed to be the best. I'm 22 now and after 2 rounds or braces, lingual wires, several sets of retainers and head gear, if I don't wear my retainers every night, my teeth shift. I really never expected to pay this much to be a 22 year old wearing retainers to bed every night. That's a fun one to explain to boyfriends. Anyway--I never had any huge problems, but I do think they're over priced
Regina M.Aug 30
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How was your experience with the doctor?One of the most important decisions that  parents can make is the choice of orthodontist for their child.  Dr. Marc Lemchen, and Dr. Jennifer Salzer, were recommended to me by a friend who had braces as an adult.  She raved about his work and so I brought my 13-year-old son for a consultation.Because of an inamicable separation and child support case, braces for my son were put off until quite late.  Every other orthodontist that we visited said that four teeth would have to be pulled.  Dr. Lemchen said he thought he could save them, and, two years later, he has!The serial extraction of teeth in kids who are having braces is not the best option and can often lead to dental problems later in life.Dr. Lemchen fitted my son with a palate expander for four months.  This provided more room for the teeth, which moved into place beautifully.  My son still has braces on this teeth, but you can see not only a perfect smile, but an ideal balance of his face that may be, in part, because of this procedure.This is a Park Avenue office with prices to match.  What I can say without hesitation is that it is worth every penny.  This is an investment that will provide returns for the rest of my son's life.The staff is always welcoming.  The doctors are thorough, professional and friendly.  My son has not experienced the degree of discomfort that I remember as a child with braces.The office is immaculate and you see a mix of children and adult patients.  One visit to Drs. Lemchen and Salzer may teach you that there is technology available now to create a healthy, perfect smile, impossible to achieve in the past.There may be other dentists and orthodontists out there who can improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth.  But with Dr. Lemchen, you know that the best possible, long-term health care has been provided.
Mike H.Jul 6
 Doesn't recommend this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?I went to Dr. Lemchen and it cost me $475 for a consultation. A ton of photographs and scans were taken.  Unfortunately, he didn't answer most of my questions. I repeatedly tried to get information out of him as to what happened and all he did was shrug his shoulders.  He wanted me out of there as fast as possible. He had a large computer screen in front of him and he kept clicking away, but I didn't understand what he said, nor would he explain. It took months to get records from his office. I found the staff difficult to deal with. They kept promising me records and then I never got them.  Be careful with prices, they quote you one price, then ask for something much higher. I think the office are full of crooks. I paid $475 for nothing.  He told me he was going to give me many options when I went to him and he didn't.