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Dr. Olga Malkin is a prosthodontist. She is a dental specialist in advanced restorative and implant dentistry. After finishing dental school, she received a 3 year post-graduate training in comprehensive advanced restorative dentistry. This training enables her to treat complex restorative cases including full mouth cosmetic rehabilitation, implant restorations, and denture conversion to implant restorations in one appointment. From general dentistry and thin porcelain veneers to full-mouth restorations, Dr. Malkin is able to care for all your dental needs. Her concentration on comprehensive approach to patients’ oral health allows her to coordinate complex treatments where multiple dental specialists need to be involved. Dr. Malkin received her dental degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and then completed a 3 year post-doctorate education in Prosthodontics at the West Los Angeles (UCLA affiliated) VA Hospital. She was trained in surgical implant placement as part of her post-doctorate training.



University of Pittsburgh, DMD, 2002
Brandeis University, BA, 1998


University of California, Los Angeles, West Los Angeles Medical Center, 2005 (residency)
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How was your experience with the doctor?Nice, intimate practice. Friendly and helpful staff.
Greg A.Feb 8
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How was your experience with the doctor?I just recommended dr. Malkin to a friend and that reminded me that I should really leave a review for her.This has to do with my mom, who at the time was in her 90s.  Her mouth and gums were so bad that we had to take her to the hospital when they wouldn't stop bleeding and they literally had to cauterize her gums more than once to stop the bleeding.  :-(We had gone to a specialist that her old dentist recommended who wanted to charge my mom $45,000 for implants.As you can imagine, we were horrified, not just for the amount of money, but the idea that my mom would have to go through this kind of procedure at her age.*I am so glad I researched more dentists and found dr. Malkin*Before looking her up on Yelp, I checked on a bunch of medical sites for dental surgeons and had narrowed it down to 2-3 people.  I even watched episodes of a TV show where Dr. Malkin was the surgeon on a show where they basically rescued people's faces after car accident and things like that.  I figured she would have lots of surgical experience with some really horrible situations.Here's the best part: she didn't recommend surgery. She talked about making my mom's mouth healthy as it was. She provided nutritional guidance, supplements, and she did some work cleaning up her mouth. There was never any expectation that my mom would suddenly start eating nuts again or anything, but the improvement was incredible.  My mom has since passed away, but she would want me to tell you how much she appreciated both the quality of doctor Malkin's work and the way she was treated with gentleness and respect.For these reasons I will be eternally grateful.I want to point out that I'm an electrician with only 5 Star reviews in Philadelphia. I know what it means to work hard to make sure that my customers are well taken care of. Coming from that perspective, I completely respect and trust dr. Malkin.  I truly believe you can't go wrong here and you're lucky to have found this dentist. I wish she lived in Philadelphia.
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How was your experience with the doctor?I have a servere fear of dentists and usually going to dentist is a huge stress for me. But I was so lucky to find Dr. Malkin! Her office is very nice and bright with kind and helpful stuff. My tooth was in pain for 2 weeks and I was desperate. I had a root canal done on it a few years back, so I was very afraid. I was examined, got very detailed consultation/proper explanation of what was going on. Dr. Malkin fixed my tooth quickly and with no pain at all! Thank you!
Irina V.May 19
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How was your experience with the doctor?Every time I visit Dr Malkin, I have a great experience. She is very thorough, knowledgeable, pleasant, attentive, and patient. Dr Malkin always takes time to listen to my concerns and answers my endless questions. I've been her patient for the past three years, and each time I feel comfortable that I can trust her judgment and proposed options to solve my dental concerns. The office staff is also very courteous and effective. I get timely reminders about my appointments and even get some changes being addressed on a short notice. The wait time for my appointments is generally minimal: just enough to relax in a comfortable dental chair while enjoying the therapeutic ambience of colorful rooms. It's not easy to find a dental office which can address both basic, complicated, and cosmetic matters. I got truly lucky finding Dr Malkin at Tribeca Advanced Dentistry. Once you experience services in her office, you will no longer look for other doctors.
Tiago N.Apr 24
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How was your experience with the doctor?Best Dentist New York has I have wanted to write this review for the longest time but unfortunately time got in the way.  My Partner and I were being treated by Dr. Malkin for over 3 years. She is great, her office is beautiful and her staff is amazing. What I liked the most about Dr. Malkin is her transparency and caring. Dr. Malkin was always very transparent and forward thinking regarding my dental treatment. She had always displayed a genuine amount of care for my wellbeing and ensure that I was comfortable every time I came into the office. We stopped going to Dr. Malkin due to our move to Seattle and certainly miss her as our dentist.
Jet D.Mar 9
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How was your experience with the doctor?It is hard to be honest about Dr. Malkin and her staff without sounding over the top. Dr. Malkin is an extraordinary health professional who is clearly highly skilled and knowledgeable about her field with many professional accomplishments to her name.   She also has an astonishingly good "bed side manner." .She exudes compassion and kindness and is positive and solution oriented.On my first visit, she put me at ease, making me feel safe and cared for.  She was serious but positive about finding solutions to what I had assumed were intractable dental problems. Since my first visit, I have felt that I was receiving the best, most cutting edge treatment available anywhere.   Dr.Malkin's staff is top notch.   They are compassionate, personable, and highly competent.  I do not think I will ever see another dentist, if I can help it.  Tribeca Advanced Dentistry would be hard to top.
Th E.Jul 10
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How was your experience with the doctor?Dr Malkin has always been a good dentist, one that does hold her patient's interest as the main focus.  There was an issue with the smug young lady at the front desk who did not demonstrate the professionalism noteworthy of Dr. Malkin's practice.  When Dr. Malkin learned about what happened she did not hesitation to call me.  When I spoke to her she was unaware of what had been happening at the front desk and SINCERELY offered to accommodate me.  She also called an additional two more times and sent an email.Although I will not be able to reschedule for a couple of months, I will reschedule.  Dr. Malkin really does care about her patients and she is compassionate in addition to her abilities as a dentist, which was demonstrated by her handling of this issue.  There are many practices in the NYC area where doctors are out of touch with their front desk operations but Dr. Malkin is different.  She is in touch with every aspect of her patients care from the moment they walk through the door.  This is ever so evident as illustrated with this situation.Dr. Malkin is a plus plus!
Pat W.Feb 12
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How was your experience with the doctor?By far the best dentist I have ever been to. Literally pain free. An expert with a Novacaine needle. They also worked with me when I had no coverage. I highly recommend them.
Evie C.Jun 10
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How was your experience with the doctor?I've been looking for a professional dentist and a nice team of staff for a long time.  Even though the dentist could be good, the team can ruin your experience!  This place just got it all! The moment you stepped foot at this place, you're treated like VIP.The hygienist, Janelle, is the best hygienist I've encountered.  She was gentle and thorough, she explains every steps that she was doing! Love her!  Dr. Malkin really knows what she is doing. I would definitely come back and highly recommend this place to anyone!
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How was your experience with the doctor?I have been a patient of Olga Malkin for 6 years in both Los Angeles and New York office  and dr Malkin placed a couple of implants and a few fillings and crowns (I'm 40 but unfortunately have genetically bad teeth :( ).  Dr Malkin is professional, friendly and efficient and uses state of the art dental tech. Her office is new, clean, bright and very comfortable.I've never felt any pain when Dr Malkin worked on my teeth and that is very rare -- I remember before Dr Malkin I felt at least some pain during dental procedures. Dr Malkin's work is top notch  and I highly recommend her!
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How was your experience with the doctor?Dr Malkin and her staff are the best. I am a hygienist and I get very picky when it comes to my teeth. I had to had cosmetic work on my front teeth and Dr Malkin did a fantastic job. They have been very patience with me and she made sure the work was perfect. She is an artist that loves what she does and her staff is very helpful and professional too. Definitely going back to them.
Jerry Y.Nov 12
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How was your experience with the doctor?Dr. Malkin is great! I just had all my lower teeth replaced in a single day with implants/crowns which looks completely natural. Something I didn't know was possible, especially knowing that I didn't have a lot of bone structure to support implants left. I love my new teeth, only people who knew me from before can tell that I have implants with crowns - to the rest it looks just like healthy beautiful teeth!I had major problems with my lower teeth since I was a child, even though I took good care of it: brushing after meals and flossing, doing cleaning twice a year, etc. Unfortunately, as the health of my teeth deteriorated and I went to procedure after procedure to fix problems, I realized I had to get implants to replace my lower teeth. I consulted two dentists locally. Both told me that I have severe bone loss and need to get bone grafting done in order to get implants, with treatment cost in excess of $40,000, or wear dentures. After doing some internet searches on more cost effective alternatives I read about "all on 4" procedure which was not only less expensive but also would allow me to walk out from the office with functional "teeth" (actually temporary crowns which looked like natural teeth) the same day without any bone grafting.So I did internet search for "all on 4" and Dr. Malkin name came up as a specialist in this procedure. Her reviews looked good and her web site had good information about the procedure. I went for a free consult 3 month ago - got 3D X-Rays done, talked to her about the procedure, recovery time, what to expect, got an estimate of the treatment cost which looked more reasonable compared to other choices I was presented by the other two dentists.   She was very patient, explained all details exceptionally well, and wasn't pushy at all knowing that this is a big health and financial decision.I had the procedure done in late July and the results look great today: not only my new teeth look natural, but I could drink and eat almost right after the surgery. I should get my permanent teeth in a couple months after I heal after the surgery and I am really looking forward to it!
Sonj H.Sep 19
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How was your experience with the doctor?I drove from Washington DC to get my chipped front tooth fixed by Dr Olga Malkin. Dr Malkin was my dentist in Los Angeles and I was delighted to find out she moved to the East Coast as well roughly the same time as I did. When I chipped my front tooth I had to hightail it to New York to see DR Malkin. Her sense of aesthetic is just untouchable, you can see it in the immaculate offices. At some point, I want to do veneers, and honestly, I would fly anywhere to have her do the work. You know you have to be good to have been a visitor on the Doctors so many times!!!BTW TriBeCa is Dr Olga Malkin which is on Warren St - NOT to be confused with Tribeca on Broadway. (I know, right?)  :)
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How was your experience with the doctor?Let's just begin by saying I am one of those people that are absolutely terrified of going to the dentist. As bad as this sounds, I would much rather go through a surgery of some sort. Yes, that's how much I hate going to the dentist. Sitting in a chair laying back with my mouth open is my worst nightmare. However I know I cannot avoid the basic preventative dental cleanings that everyone should get 2x per year. I looked up dentists that accepted my health insurance plan and saw Dr.Olga. I reviewed her on ZocDoc and read many pleasant experiences with Dr.Olga and her entire team of staff. I called the office to make an appointment which was really easy and the receptionist sounded friendly and nice. I went for my first cleaning appointment last year and I fell in love with the office. It is a new, modern renovated space and absolutely clean clean clean! The receptionist checked me in and told me it would just be a few minutes, the dental hygienist did my cleaning and provided me with lots of good education and tips for my teeth. Dr. Olga came in afterwards to check and review everything.  She is so nice and approachable...I wasn't even a bit uncomfortable or scared.  Also, the last time I can for my cleaning, I was a bit sick and also had a cold sore...I know I should have reschedule my dentist appointment.  Dr. Olga noticed my cold sore and offered to use a light to shine on it as it makes the cold sore go away faster for free of charge!! In the end, they give you a little pouch that has a toothbrush, tooth floss, toothpaste and a mouthwash. I am absolutely beyond satisfied  with my experience with Dr.Olga and it has really made me actually look forward to my dental cleanings. Nothing but positive comments for this office, come here!
N S.Sep 15
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How was your experience with the doctor?After a few horrible dental visits, I'm so glad I found Dr. Malkin! Great visits, speedy service, and kind staff made the experience wonderful. Will definitely be coming back for regular check-ups!
F H.Sep 15
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How was your experience with the doctor?Really like Dr. Malkin -- the office is new and super clean.  Also, I was having issue with my insurance company which her office worked tirelessly on to settle.  Wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anybody!
Emil P.Jun 8
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How was your experience with the doctor?I want to start by saying this is the first review I have ever written online. Before walking into Dr. Malkin's office, I was through hell and back with a variety of different dentists regarding my dental treatment. I have a very challenging case. I needed two implants and a crown over my front top teeth. The challenge in my case (without getting into too much detail) was that I had significant bone loss in the area from years of having pontics instead of an implants in the area. Adding to the issue was that I have a very high smile line that made the area very viewable to the world. It was important that it was properly fixed.I went to see 3 dentists before seeing Dr Malkin & Dr Moldovan. Each of these dentists costing me a small fortune. Each of these treatments ending poorly and left me completely unsatisfied. Without sounding too dramatic, I really felt that my situation was hopeless.Then I met Dr. Malkin & Dr Moldovan.Dr. Malkin brought in Dr. Moldovan to help with some of the surgical parts of the treatment, while Dr. Malkin handled the more aesthetic and prosthetic elements of the treatment. I cannot say enough about how impressed I was with them. Both Dr Malkin and Moldovan were extremely detail- oriented perfectionists. You can tell that they absolutely love what they do and have so much pride in their work. You can also tell that they have been working with each other for some time. There was a sharp dynamic between them that created an atmosphere of confidence and security. The office was completely new, technology was up-to-date and everything was immaculately clean. It was/is so refreshing to be under their care. While most dentists and doctors are rushing through explanations and discussions, both Dr. Malkin and Moldovan took so much time explaining- even after I was completely satisfied with the answer. After surgery I was given temporaries. The work looked 20x better than any work that I had done in the past, with other dentists- and this was just the temporaries! I could keep writing and writing here, because I cannot say enough. Any out there reading this probably understands the frustration and apprehension in finding a new doctor/ dentist. Trust me when I tell you Dr Malkin & Moldovan are terrific.