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92% recommended (824)

Peter Keshtkar and 760 others

"I've been a patient of Dr. Goncharov for 7 years. His thoughtfulness and expertise is incredible. He takes the the necessary time to always make sure that I am comfortable. He listens to my concerns and makes invaluable suggestions to address my issues."


98% recommended (1,050)

Teran Huguely and 1026 others

"If you are as afraid to go to the dentist as I was, I would strongly suggest a visit. The dentist is kind knowledgable and gentle."


100% recommended (3)

Spencer Livingston and 2 others

"I had two root canals done by Dr Grapel about two years ago and they are both still holding strong. The procedure was painless and I've had no subsequent issues with the crown or the filling he did."


100% recommended (3)

Lucy Silver and 2 others


95% recommended (384)

Courtney Daukas and 362 others

"One of the best dentist offices I have ever visited in my life, not only NYC. Very descriptive and clear about any issues with my teeth, and just a general friendliness you rarely get in a dentist's office. "


89% recommended (482)

Morgan Davis and 426 others

"Excellent! One of the best dental experiences I have had in New York. Dr. Koster made me feel at ease, does not try to sell you un-needed or unnecessary treatment, and is a true professional. I would recomend her to anyone who needs a great and caring Dentist in NYC. "


91% recommended (1,223)

Mallory Dawson and 1115 others

"Thank you Dr. Mann for taking such good care of my teeth! I loved the cozy atmosphere, the relaxing music and the painless job done!!! :)"


77% recommended (553)

Natalie Little and 423 others

"It's a really cozy and modern office. I got all the personal attention I needed. Dr. Brayman is a great doctor. Highly recommend!"


91% recommended (58)

Amanda Powell and 52 others

"Dr Klose and her staff were all very welcoming and professional. I was seen right away and the appointment was seamless. Dr. Klose took the time to explain everything to me and make sure I understood what she was doing and why. Overall, a very positive experience."


100% recommended (2)

Terri Snowden and 1 others

"Best dentist I have been to. His staff is excellent and ensures quality work. Great pricing as well."