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Dr. Eva Kosta, MD


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Dr. Eva Kosta, a native New Yorker, is board certified by the American Board of Cardiology. She received her medical degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and did both her internship and residency at NYU Langone Medical Center. Dr. Kosta was also Chief Medical Resident and a fellow in Cardiovascular Diseases at NYU Langone. Before joining the Joan H. Tisch Center for Women’s Health, Dr. Kosta worked in private practice from 2002 through 2011. She is a member of the American Heart Association, the Women’s Medical Association of New York City, and the Women’s Leadership Exchange. She is a fellow of the American College of Cardiology.



Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MD, 1992


Internal Medicine - Cardiovascular Disease


NYU Medical Center, 1996 (residency)
NYU Medical Center, 1999 (fellowship)
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Judith N.Sep 20
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?Cardiologists save people's lives on a regular basis.  We all know that; it's basically part of their job description.  You know what's rarer?  A life-saving doctor who takes the time to listen to a patient's concerns, respect them, and not go for the one-size-fits-all solution.  That's Dr. Kosta.  She has literally saved the life of a friend of mine, insisting he go the ER with a problem he didn't consider critical (It was; if he hadn't gone, he would have died or perhaps suffered a very serious stroke.)  But for my husband, who needed a stent and valve replacement, she hasn't just helped him along in this life-saving process; she has also taken the time to ask how he feels, listen to him complain, look up appropriate exercise programs for him (that he doesn't want), etc etc etc. It helps that she's really cute and has this totally deadpan sense of humor that cracks me up.  But what really helps is her attitude towards practicing medicine.  She knows that  sometimes giving a patient, especially an older one who likes to process, a little extra time is as important as prescribing the right medication.  What this means, practically, is that you may have to wait a bit to see her, because she is in no rush.  But that is true of the best doctors.  And she's the best doctor.
 Isn't sure about this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?terrible. two times on the phone with her she was unable to control her rage. I have never heard a doctor talk like that. I had to hang up the phone after saying ok thank you as i did not want to hurt my mom's treatment at that  time. I was able to control myself and not say what i really wanted to tell her which was to get some help to manage her anger.But then she and two other doctors at her place misdiagnosed my moms skin condition for three months saying it was a drug was not. In fact after my mom fell and had to go to the ER a doctor there said my mom had scabies! we were shocked as NYU doctors never told us that. a few weeks before i  had gotten a rash but because NYU womens including dr kosta said it was a drug reaction i never even thought it could be from my mom as they said it was from a  blood pressure drug she took. Well my mom was treated with  ivermectin pill twice from new doctor at weil cornell and her rash for first time in four months is 90 percent gone in first week of treatment. I too am being treated with ivermectin. If Dr Kosta had not been so angry over my moms holistic doctor and so intent on wanting to prove him wrong, perhaps her and the other doctors would have tried to make a real diagnoses after she had been off meds for months and still had a rash. Interestingly enough when we told my moms holistic doctor/ chiropractor that she was told it was a drug reaction he said it was not, but then added but they are the doctors so they would know (obviously not) he was being sarcastic. I never went to medical school, but even i would know that if it was a drug reaction after being off the meds for months it should have improved and if it did not i would have searched for what it really was. They did not. My mother never received an apology from any of them after i called to tell the office staff what my mom really had. Perhaps they should check their egos  at the door so they can actually find out what a patient has before sending them home to their family to pass on this very contagious skin disease to the family. My mother should have received a call from one of these doctors with an apology, but we know that wont happen as they dont want to be sued.
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How was your experience with the doctor?I'm a nurse who was referred to Dr. Kosta many years ago by another nurse. I have always found her to be thorough, knowledgeable, professional, and willing to take time to listen to her patients. She's certainly one of the most compassionate doctors I know and I have never found her quick to push a medication without first discussing options and explaining pros and cons.
F K.Dec 4
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How was your experience with the doctor?Dr. Kosta has been my doctor for many years. She is very compassionate and makes her patients feel like they're top priority. She always listens to my concerns and my appointments are never rushed! Hard to find a doctor as dedicated to their patients as much as Dr. Kosta is!