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Dr. Fiona Graham, MD


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I am an eclectic psychiatrist with a broad range of interests. I have visited many countries and studied medical facilities, including psychiatric services (or lack of them) in developing countries and bring a knowledge of other cultures to my work. I believe that a familiarity of the world outside of our own home town, can bring a wider perspective to understanding ourselves. I treat anxiety disorders, depression & bipolar disorders, ADD and personality disorders, sleep disorders and a limited number of patients with addictions and underlying mental health problems.



King's College London GKT School of Medicine, MD, 1956


Psychiatry and Neurology


Bellevue Hospital Center, 1960 (residency)
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How was your experience with the doctor?Nothing more than a pill pusher. Doesn't remember who you are or what meds you're taking. Forgetful judgmental and unorganized. Only cares about collecting her copay. Wish I could give zero stars! Misdiagnosed post partum with bipolar disorder, and wasted no time loading me up on meds that I didn't need. Wonder what her kick back is for writing those scripts?!
Lizzy B.Jun 10
 Doesn't recommend this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?I had the intentions of going through with my recovery on both a medication front which I went to see Dr. Graham for and also with a cognitive behavioral therapist. On numerous occasions my therapist has tried to reach Dr. Graham to work together on my medications and therapy.  All phone calls have gone unanswered. Not even a return phone call back. Every time I go to visit her she does not remember who I am and when I confront her about the unanswered phone calls she did not even realize that they were there. She does her clients a huge disservice by prescribing very addicting medications quite comfortably without a blink of an eye. The only reason I could see going to her is to feed some sort of addiction or to self medicate with no real intentions of a recovery. DO NOT GO TO HER.
Matty M.Apr 12
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How was your experience with the doctor?I've been going to her for 9 months and I just switched. Initially, she seemed involved in her clients' lives but quickly it was obvious that she did not know who I was, as each time I came by she would ask who I was. Naturally, I don't expect her to remember by the second or third visit but after 9 months? She delegates much of the office work to someone who comes in on the weekends.  I can't tell you how many emails and phone calls have gone unanswered. She's been incredibly unresponsive on many fronts but most importantly, when it came to medications.  My Rx has to go through a maintenance pharmacy after a certain number of over-the-counter refills and her unresponsiveness has cost her business but more importantly part of my recovery, as worrying about not having the right medications is anathema to my diagnosis. Not going back.
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How was your experience with the doctor?I thought she was professional and insightful. She listened carefully and in addition to giving me the prescriptions I need, she gave me some good practical advice.
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How was your experience with the doctor?I'll admit, I was fooled by her seemingly trustworthy demeanor and adorable dog, at first. However Dr. Graham did not fully explain my diagnosis, did not warn me about negative side effects I could experience abruptly stopping my old medication, and made herself unreachable for follow up questions and concerns (both to me and my primary care doctor) for weeks. In my opinion, it is unconscionable to prescribe medications with a risk of suicidal thoughts/actions, and not make yourself available for follow up via email/phone during regular business hours. Dr. Graham is an irresponsible doctor who is deeply lacking in compassion for already vulnerable patients. I would not recommend her to my worst enemy.
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How was your experience with the doctor?Unreachable; forgot my name and symptoms; spent five minutes diagnosing and on follow up appointments; and the office is terribly messy.
Sarah C.Dec 15
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How was your experience with the doctor?I saw her several times to get a Rx for anti-depressants.  It was... depressing.  her office was depressing, she was all too willing to sign me up for meds without asking almost any questions and in follow up appointments it felt like a complete waste of time, I was just going to get meds.  She could have been anyone, and barely seemed to care/know anything about me.  Didn't even know my name before the appointment.  She is EXCEEDINGLY difficult to get in touch with and this has been a problem on multiple occasions when I have run out of medication and had to desperately call around and eventually find someone else to refill a scrip for me.  It has been a complete disappointment.
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How was your experience with the doctor?Dr. Graham is clearly very experienced. She is easy to talk to and was accurate in her diagnosis of my issues. I found her to be very helpful.
Jill N.Sep 13
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How was your experience with the doctor?Dr. Graham is nothing more than a walking prescription pad. I have seen her several times and, in the ten minutes she spends with me once a month, she manages to make things worse for me. I always leave her office feeling more terrible about myself and it takes me days to recover. She will make snide comments about me and is very belittling. I will not be returning and suggest if anyone is considering seeing her, they look for a different doctor.
lia m.Feb 19
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How was your experience with the doctor?Terrible doctor. Dr. Graham does not seem to understand certain medical basics and would rather let a patient be without medicine that is dangerous to go off of than call in a prescription. Very strange choice and attitude for a healer. DO NOT recommend.
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How was your experience with the doctor?Since my first post was removed by yelp (When reviewing, please describe your actual experience with a business.) I will provide more details on my one and only appointment with Dr Fiona Graham.Once I sat down and began talking about things that were issues for me, I quickly realized she was barely taking any notes and just staring at me. I asked if something was wrong, and she just told me to continue. I found her to be very judgemental - for example, when I said that my anxiety was increased because of my money problems, she smirked and kept looking at my watch (which was a gift that I could never afford on my own). She then asked me if I wanted anti depressants. I said that since she and I had only met for 15 minutes, I couldnt really say if that is the right thing for me - and if it is, its too soon to choose a medication. Thats when she said that If I didnt want medication, why am I here?Thats when the appointment ended and she swiped my card for the visit. If you need a pill refill, she is your gal!
Kate W.Jan 5
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How was your experience with the doctor?If I find out how to report this "Doctor" for harming her patients, I will. She should not be legally allowed to do medication management for patients, these are some reasons why. 1. There is no way to reach her. You will call and call and she will never pick up or call you back. Her answering machine will advise not to leave a message, but to email her. She will never write back to an email. So if you have a problem with an appointment or with a medication you are simply fucked. And if she gives you the WRONG presciption (which she did) you are simply FUCKED. Because you cannot get in touch with her to tell her.2. I had to miss one appointment because I was sick and lost my voice and couldn't speak, there fore there was no point in going into the appointment because she would not be able to hear me talk.... I called several times (i was going to have a relative cancel for me because I couldn't speak) but of course I could not get in touch with her this way. I emailed several times explaining that I couldn't come in and asking for a new appointment. When I finally got in touch with someone ( i guess some guy who does her secretary work?) He was extremely rude to me on the phone. I said that i needed the medications that she put me on to be refilled and she WOULDN'T REFILL THEM without coming in for the appointment. But I was sick and could not come in, and she didn't have an appointment that came before my medications would run out of. Meaning I would go several days in with-drawl until i was able to come in and see her and get new scripts filled. How is that ok?! Not to mention..... Her visits are taken place in her home... With a dog present. In my opinion this should be disclosed BEFORE you come to the appointment as me and many many other people are highly allergic to dogs. Still to this day she has never emailed or called me back....Did she die? (I had a question about what time/date my next session was.) You cannot give someone a prescription and then not be available at all by phone or email to make a follow up appointment to get a new perscription so you can keep taking the pills SHE PUT YOU ON. She is ridiculous. She is a joke. Please if there is anyone who knows how to report doctors to some board advisory let me know. She is a danger to all people who see her, as she will fall off the face of the earth leaving you unable to take your medications/get refills. Anyone on anti depressants knows how dangerous it is to suddenly stop cold turkey taking your pills... But with her... Be prepared. She will vanish. You will get with drawl and end up in an emergency room.
M J W.Nov 1
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How was your experience with the doctor?Many years ago, I saw Dr. Graham for several years during a crisis. She was a gifted professional who offered invaluable and life-changing insight. I returned to her several years ago, not in a crisis but for some "tweaking" and insight about minor issues. During this time, a friend was in a crisis and I recommended Dr. Graham to her. My friend and I had a disagreement, and she read to Dr. Graham emails that I had written. No ethical physician would have allowed two patients who were seeing the same physician to discuss these issues. More egregiously, Dr. Graham offered comments about my emails, another ethical breach. I would have liked to have been able to discuss with Dr. Graham some issues concerning my "friend," but I assumed no doctor would have permitted one patient to discuss another if both were seeing the same therapist, and s/he would have been right not to do so. Dr. Graham's was an unforgivable breach of ethics, I lost my trust in her professionalism, and I eventually left. Every physician should offer absolute patient confidentiality. Dr. Graham clearly crossed a professional and ethical line.
EF T.Oct 5
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How was your experience with the doctor?This doctor doesn't care about her patients. I was visiting my daughter at college and happened to go with her to pick up her mood stabilizer refill. We were surprised at the pharmacy that the doctor hadn't sent in for her refill, so we called the doctor. The doctor's assistant told me the doctor was refusing to refill the prescription until my daughter came in (she had been in one month before). I asked to buy my daughter some time since she's away at college and could she at least have one week more of pills before she could get back into the city. The doctor's message to us was that instead of her simply calling the pharmacy to refill it, we should try our luck at an emergency room! I begged with the office to just give her enough pills so she wouldn't be in danger of having a seizure, but the assistant they wouldn't call any amount in.Next day we found a very caring psychiatrist who immediately called the refill in. Then my daughter went to see that doctor, as she would have Dr. Graham. To my mind possibly causing your young patient to have a seizure because you won't give them a few pills to tide them over until they can get to your office the next week is MALPRACTICE. In addition, Dr. Graham didn't even have any appointments available until the following week!
Jean A.Sep 15
 Doesn't recommend this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?I have been dealing with  doctor and her worker for months now. They keep saying insurance doesn't go through and can't see my daughter until bill is paid. Feels it is our responsibility to follow through with insurance. I have made many calls and spent many hours trying to correct this. Insurance keeps saying it is doctor's responsibility to contact them. Finally I got a copy of her bill. Has wrong dates for office visits and another person's member ID for Empire BC/BS. We have Value Options,besides me giving correct info since 3/31/14. I have been doing everything right and Value Options can't help, because they never received claims from them. This other person's info is connected with my daughters on this bill which is a violation of the HIPPA law. They also sent to a collection agency. This is awfully frustrating as no one can help me because the problem is at Doctor Graham's end. I have left 2 voice mails advising what the problem is and I never receive a call back. I had also seen a bill a few months or more ago and my daughter was charged with a visit in February, which had been cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.
Erica L.Aug 20
 Doesn't recommend this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?The first one or two times I went, I was pleased. She clearly is just a medication pusher but I didn't really care. However... there has been gigantic problems with my insurance that are not my fault. We have given them the correct numbers numerous times, called the companies to insure they do cover her, etc, and yet they still tell me it's my fault and that I need to take care of it. On top of that, when the payments don't go through they don't call to tell, so I didn't find out until weeks or months later when I needed my refills badly. I am trying desperately to find a new psychiatrist as this is too much stress that I cannot handle. I thought I could get past the fact that she clearly doesn't care, because I just needed my meds. But nope, this has gone way too far. Stay away. I would rather skip my medications for a week or two (which is really bad) than deal with her and her office worker anymore... that is not okay. Really fits the stereotype of a money hungry doctor who doesn't care about their patients.
s D.May 7
 Doesn't recommend this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?Money hungry doc who cares nothing about her patients and does NOT return phone calls. Dear Dr. Graham, you are doing harm, please retire as you are no longer capable of serving your patients.
Graham G.Mar 27
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How was your experience with the doctor?I found Dr Graham to be very helpful. She was able to help me get past a number of issues and her staff was very informative and professional. I liked that we met in a home setting. i was made to feel very comfortable.
Sara D.Jan 5
 Isn't sure about this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?She is nice and clearly has decades of experienced, but I didn't feel comfortable opening up to her. She works in a home office, and the 'waiting room' felt cluttered, dark, and unprofessional. She also can't hear very well, and I had to repeat myself a lot. I won't be going back.
Tina C.Feb 11
 Doesn't recommend this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?And the search goes on and on...Fiona Graham, MD is affiliated with Stony Lodge Hospital.  After a long haul hour and half commute to be served for twenty minutes of managed care treatment which the woman spent most the my session time punching away at the keyboard in front the computer while I spilled whatever is on my mind.  The woman never gave me her undivided full attention as it was a one-way only in the communication traffic.Has the whole medical professionals moral ethics declined with no communication, texting on the phone, punching to no end at the keyboard of a computer?  Healthcare in U.S.A. is an utter embarrassment to the world!