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Dr. Gervaise Gerstner


New York, NY

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Dr. Gervaise Gerstner is one of the most respected and sought after physicians in New York City. A board certified dermatologist for over 14 years, she is acclaimed worldwide for her pioneering expertise with Fraxel® laser treatments. Her skill with a range of lasers allows her to serve as a preceptor and lecturer for this state of the art skin resurfacing treatment. Her deft touch and innate artistry, combined with the latest technologies in skin care, have provided men, women and children of all ages the results they desire with as little discomfort as possible. A firm believer in preventative skin care, Dr. Gerstner has consistently earned her clients’ confidence and praise by looking for the long-term solution and not just the simple fix. The daughter of a vascular surgeon and the sister of a spine surgeon, Dr. Gerstner has long had a passion for helping others. Dr. Gerstner graduated cum laude with a BA from Princeton University. She earned her M.D. from Mount Sinai Medical School and completed residency at Mount Sinai Hospital where she was selected as Chief Resident of Dermatology.



New York’s Mount Sinai Medical School, MD, 1999
Princeton University, BA, 1995




Mount Sinai Hospital, 2003 (residency)
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 Recommends this doctor
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?I just read 2 negative reviews about Dr Gerstner and I am shocked!!!I trust Dr Gerstner with my life! She is sharp as a tac, well schooled and knows what she is doing! I consult her on ALL of my health issues because I feel so confident in her diagnostic sensibilities. Of course I go to the requisite pro after I seek her council....THAT is how much I value her talent as a Dr!She has done amazing work on me and I am blessed to have her in my cadre of Dr's! I don't wish to minimize peoples upset; however; I have been a VERY satisfied patient of Dr Gerstner's, for 12 + years, in fact I was her guinea pig for Botox 12 years ago. Not only did she do a superb job but as all of the Dr's injections were being supervised, SHE was the only Dr they used as an example stating how precise and good she was at how she approached and administered her injections!The previous review stated she was heavy handed,,,,, nothing is further than accurate. She is measured and conservative, perhaps disgruntled patients will never be happy and who knows what they have had done previously to perhaps interfere with Dr G's work. I can't say I can only say that some people have unrealistic expectations and more is better in their mind.I have had nothing but amazing results for over 12 years!
 Doesn't recommend this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?Horrible horrible Botox for $2000!!!!!!. My face is totally frozen and my eyelids are pushed down and I have straight eyebrows. ZERO responsibility on her part for being way too heavy handed. Her response was I needed to get surgery on my eyelids. Are you serious!? That's why I get Botox - to lift my eyelids!!! Her end response was "Botox wears off, I'm sorry you aren't happy". Well, I'm sorry after paying $2000 for Botox I should not be walking around hiding!  We spoke about what I wanted. I wanted movement. I did not want to be frozen and I wanted my eyebrows arched... where's the responsibly in not delivering any of that !?! She basically knew I would never be coming back to her so she didn't give a @$&@! SHE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO DO BOTOX... end of story!!
Lily D.Feb 5
 Doesn't recommend this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?I go cheated. Mostly She wants to sell me products. And they persist to say their products are real so the prices are double or triple than other website. Until I found the products manufacturers' website.