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Dr. Robert Hotchkiss

Orthopedic Surgeon

New York, NY

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Dr. Robert Hotchkiss specializes in the treatment of elbow injuries (arthritis and contractures in both children and adults), hand and wrist injuries and arthritis, and vascular disorders of the hand. He is Medical Director of Clinical Research, Director of Research in the Hand & Upper Extremity Service, and Director of Translational and External Initiatives at Hospital for Special Surgery. An Associate Attending Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Hotchkiss has also received additional certification in Orthopedic Hand Surgery. Dr. Hotchkiss is also a team doctor and consultant for professional athletes and teams such as the New York Giants.



University of Colorado, BA, 1976
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, MD, 1980


Orthopaedic Surgery


Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1984 (residency)
Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1985 (fellowship)
Mayo Clinic, 1986 (fellowship)
Raymond M. Curtis Hand Center, Union Memorial Hospital, 1987 (fellowship)
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How was your experience with the doctor?Dr. Hotch is the best hand and wrist surgeon in the game. He saw me after I broke my wrist and tore ligaments playing lacrosse in college. He gave me expert advice and I was able to keep playing with a cast. I recovered fully and got to play a season of the game I love. His office doesn't take insurance but you know you're getting the best care available.
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How was your experience with the doctor?Dr. Hotchkiss is one of the best. When I broke my thumb in high school he explained my options (hard cast v soft cast). My thumb healed as expected and he's been helpful ever since.
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How was your experience with the doctor?When my wrist was inflamed and giving me trouble, Dr. Hotchkiss took me through and incredibly helpful process of care. I was able to get back to my normal life in no time. He is the best!
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Ali FoxJan 25
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