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Dr. Zachary Bregman

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New York, NY

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Dr. Bregman is Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and received his education from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He specializes in Internal Medicine with expertise in many areas.



University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, MD, 1981


Internal Medicine


Beth Israel Medical Center, 1985 (residency)
Beth Israel Medical Center, 1987 (fellowship)
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Ian S.Sep 10
 Doesn't recommend this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?Staff and nurse were good. He was very rude and disinterested. His "bedside manor" was awful. He made jokes about my family's medical history. Didn't seem to care about my responses or health at all. Forgot about me and only completed the physical because he thought his next patient was in my room. He was also incredibly rude to my girlfriend who had taken time off from work to go to the doctor with me. I would not go back to see him ever and would literally go out of my way to convince people not to see him. IT WAS THAT BAD!
Eric T.Sep 23
 Isn't sure about this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?4 stars for the doctor. 1 star for the office staff, which ruins the entire experience.I need to call in 3 different times to get any prescription filled - EVERY single time. I had to make FOUR distinct phone calls to get blood work faxed to another doctor. There are enough doctors in the city, going to your PCP should not be a headache and a half if you need anything at all. Bregman himself is great, really spends time with you and never rushes you out, but the rest of the experience is so horrible it almost isn't worth it.
L. G.Jul 25
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?If you're looking for a smart, 'old school' doctor who builds a relationship with you, spends quality time at every appointment to investigate and solve your medical issue, then Dr. Bregman is the one for you. I am drawn to doctors who provide a lot of background information and don't mind his slightly quirky personality, two things to consider if he'd be a good match for you. I first came to him the day before a long holiday weekend for a lung issue that surely would have landed me in the hospital had he not agreed to see me, (he's a GP with a pulmonary specialty).  It turns out my lung issue was induced by a series of medications I had taken for an unrelated infection and had blossomed in to skin, blood and pulmonary issues that were severe and would likely have turned life threatening pretty quickly. Dr. Bregman spent about 90 minutes with me that day investigating the cause, prior meds I took and reports from the other specialists I saw. He was the one who finally diagnosed the issue properly.I was so impressed with his intelligence and the amount of time he spent with me that I made him my General Practitioner a few months later. That was 8 years ago.To be clear, my definition of 'old school' above means a doctor who values the health of the patient OVER billing/insurance payments. This is manifested by the length of time he spends with you, questions he asks, access he gives you in urgent situations (his personal cell for example), I've even heard him offer to waive a fee for a patient who needed a treatment they were putting off due to financial reasons. That's what I mean by a good old fashioned doctor.He recently moved his office and is now part of North Shore LIJ so they take a long list of insurance including some on the NY Exchange. He has other doctors and specialists in the office now as well and is no longer a solo practitioner. The logistic end has seen transition issues including appointments not scheduled properly and referrals gone missing. They are moving from a paper to digital office and hopefully this will all smooth out. I might have given the practice 4 stars for this reason but believe it is temporary and my 5 star review is purely for the medical expertise of Dr. Bregman.
Adrian K.Oct 13
 Doesn't recommend this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?My new doctor  from feeling me below said I should have an endoscopy . He saved my life. Bregman never made that physical check. Just went by normal blood work. In addition he assumed my high blood pressure for 8 years was considered white coat syndrome. Well I have been getting same readings but my new doctor said I should have been on blood pressure medication all these years. Ran checks to see also how it is effecting my lungs heart, etc.Bregman just annually runs a physical general  blood test. And I mean thats it. Bear bones. His nurse took my blood. He meet me down the hall and prescribed me meds in his office. That was it. No body check and sends you on your way. If you want more details feel free to email me. Bregman is a nervous, weird, unprofessional quack that does none of the precautionary test that could save you surgery, or your life or look at possible problems from different angles. He never checked my anus which led new doctor to send me IMMEDIATELY for a colonoscopy. Thank goodness i did. I want to warn as many people as I can. This man...i won't call him a doctor, is dangerous.  Stay away from this incompetent, irresponsible horrible excuse of an MD  Don't say you weren't warned. Be well and avoid this  person that could have cost me more than just surgery, but my life. Bregman is a nervous, weird,  unprofessional quack that does none of the precautionary test that could prevent surgery, or serious complications. never touches you, checks your eyes, groin or any possible parts of your body for potential problems. Last September he sent me off with a clean bill of health. I can verify that if i did not switch doctors 2 months later I would be looking at a serious life threatening problems. Also I have been suffering from nasal issues for 8 years. My new MD ran a simple mold test and found out I was allergic to molds and I had them removed. If you do not go for a specific problem Bregman not only avoids checking you for other potential issues, but then never  hits them from several angles to be sure and safe. My new MD made me realizethat just writing 2 prescriptions and having an annual is not what a good doctor does. Bregman may have cost me my lifenot to mention 8 years of never having my blood pressure verified as more than his suspected white coat syndrome. I am so frustrated and angry for this lack of proper procedures a decent doctor is supposed to do,  I have no words for it. If for any chance not being on a high dosage of blood pressure medication for all these years has effected my health that would be anotheroversight by this old fashioned, old school, disorganized pathetic excuse for a man. I truly wish they would take his license away. Any proof or questions you might have I can provide. We are not talking about just one thing here. Even a little spot I had above my eye on a random nasal issue my new doctor noticed that it was worth checking out by a dermatologist to beon the safe side. 8 years, not one body check, eyes, groin, lower regions, nothing. Just cough medication and annual blood test. My new doctor on only an initial visit for a cough, had me go back and forth on tests, and to professionals based on what he discovered as normal procedures a doctor is supposed check. This is regardless of the stupidity and carelessnessof not having my high blood pressure confirmed as real and not white coat. That in itself in addition to not checking the lower area and what that could have led to is negligent and borderline criminal, when you put your trust in a doctor to do things that you find out later were not being done.His nurse Cristina complains about patients and Bregman constantly. Listening to this while also being in the presence of the most hyper doctor I have ever seen in my life is not a lovely experience. He does not keep computer logs but random notes at best. Barely knows your age after 8 years remembers nothing and lost my wife medical exam who is a school teacher. The office claimed she was never there. 3 weeks later they found it.
Julio T.Jul 30
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?I've been going to Doctor Bregman for over 10 years now and I highly recommend his practice. I really appreciate that he is always curious about what is going on with me mentally and emotionally, rather than just physically. It feels great to be treated like a human being, rather than a just a physical body. I also really enjoy that he takes the time and care to sit down and talk to me about test results and treatment option. He is willing to take the time needed to explain things clearly, and he has the patience to answer questions. He also builds relationships with his patients - it's great to go to a trusted doctor who knows about your medical history.Finally, I really like the people who work at Dr Bregman's office. They are all friendly, and Dr Bregman is eccentric in a really awesome helping me to feel comfortable in moments that can be a bit awkward.
 Doesn't recommend this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?I saw Dr. Bregman from 1996 to 2001 but I only went to him because he was in-network and 4 blocks from my apt.Dr. Bregman is full of himself and a scheister.   On my first app't, he asks me how I got his name which I told him.  He proceeds to tell me he thought I went to him because he was one of the top 100 Pulmonologists in NYC while pointing to a book on his window sill.  Humility is not in his DNA.In a 2001 app't , a few months after coming back from a 2 week trip to Vietnam, he says that I should be vaccinated for Hepatitis C.  I told him that I didn't remember which strain I was vaccinated for before my trip.  He tells me he wouldn't vaccinate me without knowing which one I had which was fine BUT when I came back with the answer (was Hep B)  the following week, he didn't even see me to find out and his nurse, Maria, didn't ask me before giving me a Hep C shot. WTF?  He knew and just wanted me to come back for another visit so that he could bill the Insurance company for 2 visits!  That's when I looked for another doctor; one who had my health in their best interest.What a CONCEITED CROOK!
Lynn K.Apr 18
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?He is a unique combination of brilliance, intensity, and irreverent humor,  half old school, half Dr. House. He is on the faculty at both NYU Medical Center and Lenox Hill Hospital and it shows. If you have a real medical problem, it's good to have him on your side.
John O.Mar 5
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?If it were possible I would give Dr. Zachary Bregman 10 stars.During the course of my adult life I have had many experiences with doctors both for myself and my family. Living in the metropolitan New York City area I have always felt that we are fortunate to have access to some of the world's best physician's. In that regard I believe that Dr. Bregman is among the "Best of the Best".From my first visit to his office to this day the professionalism and care he and his staff have provided has been phenomenal.  I find him to be  genuinely concerned about my health and well being. He is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive, and thorough and takes the time to sit down with you to discuss every detail of your visit. The staff is wonderful. They are not only professional but warm and friendly and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. I can't speak highly enough of Dr. Bregman and his staff. My family and I are fortunate to have found such a skilled and caring physician.
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?I love Dr. Bregman. WIth him I feel so safe and assured that everything is ok and if God forbid one day its not I trust him so much to do what he can to fix it. He is super smart and funny!!! My new PCP! His R.N is a doll. She is super sweet. The receptionist is really nice too lol I didnt understand the "mean" comment about her. Overall amazing Doctor.
Sibel U.May 28
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?Dr. Bregman is wonderful!  He is incredibly smart and engaging, and he has a deep and sincere concern for his patients.  You can tell he loves what he does and really cares about getting to know you and working with you on whatever is going on.  Ask as many questions as you like!  He will most likely pull up websites on his computer to show you what he is trying to explain in even more detail.  Also there is never a rush--you will get all the time you need.  As an aside, the office is really quite entertaining--it feels a bit like something out of a Seinfeld episode, but without any sacrifice in professionalism or quality at all.  The only drawback is that sometimes you have to wait, but it is well worth it to be cared for by such a knowledgeable and experienced doctor.  My family and I have been seeing Dr. Bregman for years and we will continue.  He is an NYU professor and I almost wish I was in medical school so I could take his class!
 Recommends this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?What a great experience with Dr. Bregman.  I have ongoing medical issues and have been constantly farmed out to specialists.  It's amazing to have one doctor that can manage all of my issues.  I went to Dr Bregman needing to see a pulmonary doctor and was so impressed that I switched over to make him my primary care doctor,  He took over an hour with me discussing my condition and conducting necessary exams.  I actually felt better than I have in years just a few days after seeing Dr. Bregman.  Freddie, the RN is a gem.  Sure, you'll have to wait to see the doctor, but once you have him, you will never be rushed and he will give you full attention.  He is acclaimed as a diagnostician and incredibly knowledgable.  I never post reviews but felt so compelled, I had to!
 Isn't sure about this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?wow, I'm shocked at the below review, but it's helpful - thanks for the heads up.  I had a great experience with Dr. Bregman today.  I get the staff thing - the RN, Freddie, is wonderful, but the woman at reception is a little rude and unprofessional (she frequently screams).  The office overall seems a little disorganized, but nothing crazy.Dr. Bregman himself, however, is wonderful!  He spent almost a full hour going over my complicated medical history and symptoms, and despite having two new patients waiting outside, I never felt rushed at all.  The best part is, he's amazingly accessible - he's in a convenient location and you can actually get an appointment with him whenever you need, and he'll always see you as a walk in if you're a patient of his.  He's also an attending physician at NYU and super sharp - I felt like I received great care today, but only time will tell regarding maintenance and future care.  I hope he's a keeper because I desperately need a GOOD new Pulmonologist.
Roger P.Jul 11
 Doesn't recommend this doctor

How was your experience with the doctor?I left an excellant doctor because i could no longer stand the 1 hour wait time to see him and unfortunately was recommended to Dr. Bregman. I went to see him in December 2011 for a specific ailment and requested that blood work be done. When the blood work had come back, everything had been tested for EXCEPT the one ailment I specifically got the blood work done for. Another blood test was done and when i called to recieve the results over the phone i was told i was "fine" with no specifics. 3 months later, back at Bregman for a different problem, i asked him about that 2nd blood test a few months earlier and found that it was never submitted!!!! Bregman gave me cash to cover the cost of the blood work out of his pocket (which was schocking in itself) and apologized profusely blaming the 2 mistakes on a staffing issue. Im sorry but giving blood twice and still not getting tested correctly is a larger issue than a doctor's staff.  So unprofessional!