New York's Opioid Crisis Is Improving and Some Counties Are Leading the Way

For the first time in recent memory there is reason to believe that the opioid crises in New York is improving. According to the latest available Health Department data, opioid-related visits to emergency rooms in counties excluding New York City decreased by 20% to 50 visits per 100,000 residents in 2018 from 63 visits per 100,000 residents in 2017.

Top 10 Safest Counties

Some counties are leading the charge. The top ten safest counties by incidence of opioid-related emergency room visits include:

  1. Hamilton County
  2. Franklin County
  3. Rockland County
  4. Essex County
  5. Clinton County
  6. St. Lawrence County
  7. Westchester County
  8. Nassau County
  9. Tioga County (tie)
  10. Jefferson County (tie)
  11. Washington County (tie)

Many attribute the improvement to state wide initiatives like the Heroin Opioid Task Force and local initiatives like the Substance Abuse Prevention and Recovery of Clinton County (SPARCC), Essex County Heroin and Opioid Coaltion (ECHO) and the Franklin County Prevention Task Force, among others.

Congratulations the top ten safest counties in New York for their hard work in the fight against the public health crisis. While there is reason to be encouraged, opioid use remains a public health crisis in New York and across the country.

Resources To Help Combat Opioid Addiciton

Sources and Methodology

This data relies on New York State Opioid Quarterly Reports and Annual Summary Reports.

Written by

Tomas Hoyos

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