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Otolaryngologists, more commonly referred to as ear nose and throat doctors (ENTs) treat a range of issues around the functioning of the ear, nose, and throat. ENTs are trained both medically and surgically. Looking for an ENT doctor near you? Find and book an otolaryngologist near you today.

What does an otolaryngologist treat?

Otolaryngologists treat issues related to the head and neck. Ear nose and throat doctors commonly treat breathing difficulties, allergies, chronic ear problems, hearing loss, and facial nerve paralysis.

What does an ENT do at the first appointment?

Depending on your symptoms, the ENT will perform a visual and physical exam. This may include looking in your ears, your nose, and your throat. The ENT may palpitate areas of your head, neck, and throat during this examination.

What kind of tests does an ENT do?

Ear nose and throat doctors commonly perform audiometric testing, nasal endoscopy, allergy testing, CT scan, and cultures and biopsies.

Can I see an ENT without a referral?

It’s possible to see an ENT without a referral, but this really depends on your health insurance and the doctor’s policies. Find an ENT in your network today with just a few clicks.

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