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Pediatric Otolaryngology

100% recommended (2)

Nicole Spellman and 1 others

"Very good doctor.My friends son has special needs and he is amazing with him"

"My experience at Dr. Samadi's office was fantastic. Not only is his staff amazing, but he is very intelligent. He always has appointments available for emergency visits, and is always on top of patient care. I highly recommend Dr. Samadi."


100% recommended (1)

Kim Flatt-Pierce

"The waiting time in the waiting room was very quick. They call us very fast. The nurses were very friendly and helpful. Dr. Nassar is a great Dr. I'm happy with the treatment my son was great."

"I had a positive experience w/ the doctor last visit. She was patient & spent time explaining to me about my son's ears & his specific conditions."

"Very professional and efficient. She did a surgery on my daughter an we are very happy with this experience. The dr. and staff made us very comfortable throughout the process"

Pediatric Otolaryngology

100% recommended (2)

Scottie Berridge and 1 others