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You may be surprised to find out that 33% of millennials don’t have a primary care physician, despite correlation with reduced ER visits. Primary care physicians are generalist practitioners who see adult patients. If finding the best primary care physician in your neighborhood sounds like a feat you’re just not up for, don't fret. You can find and book a primary care physician that accepts your insurance today for free.

Does Medicare cover primary care doctors?

Most Medicare plans cover preventative and routine primary care visits. Check your plan details for specific information on your coverage.

What is the difference between a general practice doctor and a primary care physician?

Internists typically treat adults, while general practitioners generally provide care for patients of all ages. Both internists and general practitioners are considered primary care physicians.

How do I find a primary care physician?

First, you’ll want to map out your needs. If you have a gender, location, or specialty in mind, be sure to search using those stipulations. Search through hundreds of recommended primary care physicians in your area with Voro. Find a doctor today.

What does a primary care doctor do?

Also known as internist, general practice, and sometimes family doctor, a primary care physician (PCP) is your go-to, MVP on your health care team. They should be your first call when something just isn’t right. Primary care physicians help patients manage more common issues including blood pressure, headaches, back pain, obesity, and common cold and flu.

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