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If you’re looking for the best primary care doctor Brooklyn, NY has to offer, you’re in the right place. Primary care physicians are generalist practitioners who see adult patients. We’ve hand-picked practitioners who your neighbors love and compiled a comprehensive list of the best primary care doctors Brooklyn, NY can offer to help you spend less time searching and more time enjoying your life. You can search through top primary care physicians in Brooklyn, NY based on location, gender, insurance information, specialties, reviews from people you can trust, and more. The first step in your search to find a primary care doctor in Brooklyn, NY requires you to research reviews of local practitioners. Search seamlessly by reviewing the most popular physicians in Brooklyn, NY and determining which doctor fits your needs.

Primary Care

88% recommended (282)

"I have never been to a Doctor and felt so comfortable and satisfied. I felt great knowing that my problems were being addressed and taken care of. I have never smiled so much at a doctor's office!"

Primary Care

91% recommended (696)

"My overall experience was great, pleasant visit. The doctor explained everything thoroughly to me. The medical assistant was amazing, great communication skills, so polite. "

"Prompt; professional; showing patients kindness and careing for the individual, while serving them. He/ the doctor answers all my questions with concerned. Ask you questions with knowledge of your condition and health issues."

Primary Care

89% recommended (981)

Oisin Lewis and 869 others

"Dr. V Tenenbaum is the best doctor I ever had. He will be my permanent PCP. He is very gentle, very understanding and he actually shows empathy to his patients. I highly recommend this doctor to THE WORLD."