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If you’re looking for the best primary care doctor Edgewater, NJ has to offer, you’re in the right place. Primary care physicians are generalist practitioners who see adult patients. We’ve hand-picked practitioners who your neighbors love and compiled a comprehensive list of the best primary care doctors Edgewater, NJ can offer to help you spend less time searching and more time enjoying your life. You can search through top primary care physicians in Edgewater, NJ based on location, gender, insurance information, specialties, reviews from people you can trust, and more. The first step in your search to find a primary care doctor in Edgewater, NJ requires you to research reviews of local practitioners. Search seamlessly by reviewing the most popular physicians in Edgewater, NJ and determining which doctor fits your needs.

Primary Care

75% recommended (51)

"I have never experienced such a smooth, confertable, transition from registration to check out. Front staff was pleasant, nurses superfriendly, doctor was amazing. First place that the manager comes out and greets you. Would recommend to everyone. Never leaving Riverside. <3!!"

"He was very kind and worked very quickly to help me resolve my medical concerns and get me referrals to specialists. He was very knowledgeable about how things are different with a trans patient and was extremely careful to ask my pronouns and make sure to use my preferred name."

Primary Care

100% recommended (1)

Primary Care

89% recommended (129)

"She was amazing. I highly recommend her if you live in Hoboken/surrounding Jersey area or even in the city. She was awesome! "