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If you’re looking for the best primary care doctor Trenton, NJ has to offer, you’re in the right place. Primary care physicians are generalist practitioners who see adult patients. We’ve hand-picked practitioners who your neighbors love and compiled a comprehensive list of the best primary care doctors Trenton, NJ can offer to help you spend less time searching and more time enjoying your life. You can search through top primary care physicians in Trenton, NJ based on location, gender, insurance information, specialties, reviews from people you can trust, and more. The first step in your search to find a primary care doctor in Trenton, NJ requires you to research reviews of local practitioners. Search seamlessly by reviewing the most popular physicians in Trenton, NJ and determining which doctor fits your needs.

Primary Care

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"After missing my first appointment with Dr Obuz, rescheduling, then having a bit of difficulty finding the office location, Dr Obuz and his medical staff were more than helpful when it came to making sure I saw the doctor despite the time and making me comfortable once I arrived. Dr. Obuz not only assisted me with the reason for my visit, but took the time to answer any questions I had and offered me alternative and healthy options for my lifestyle. I was especially impressed when within 5 minutes of reading my brief medical history, he offered me handouts and supplement suggestions for preventitive purposes based on family history and also future options in specialized areas. Dr Obuz's experience and knowledge, along with his warm demeanor and friendly staff, made the visit well worth the wait. I have already suggested Dr Obuz to my sister and bestfriend and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a smart, experienced and kind doctor. I have already booked my next appointment. "

Primary Care

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Justine Farletta