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Book top Pulmonologists in Norwalk, CT


100% recommended (6)

"Dr Cochran was efficient without making me feel rushed. Pleasant to speak to, answered all my questions, had clear next steps."

Internal Medicine

100% recommended (1)

Mary Lou Di Palermo

"Dr. Rudolph is my pulmonologist. He is so knowledgeable on Asthma. Has 2 good PAs also. Joanna Brunig and Cindy Traecy"


75% recommended (12)

"Dr. Leibert is fantastic! He took the time to sit and discuss everything with us. We had concerns and he listened to each of them and addressed each of them appropriately. He took his time to ensure that everything was covered and that he did not miss anything. However, he did not go overboard and didn't do any unnecessary tests. He was phenomenal and would highly recommend him!"